What We Do


Swan Energy Ltd, was incorporated in 1909, as Swan Mills Ltd, a manufacturer and marketer of cotton and polyester textile products in India.

Today, it is a fully operational, ISO 9001-2008/OEKOTEX 100 certified, state-of-the-art Fabric Processing Unit of 1 lakh meters per day at Ahmedabad. This facility has been operational since mid-2011 (after closing in 2002 on account of the downturn in the Indian Textile industry).

The management has prudently invested resources in installing high-tech machines to enable the production of quality fabrics. It uses world-class machines like Singeing & Desizing (Bejimac, Belgium); Continuous Bleaching range (Karl Menzel Maschinefabric, Germany); Mercerising Machine (Goller Textilmaschinen-GMBH, Germany); Continuous (E-Control) Dyeing machine (Monforts Textilmaschinen=GMBH & Co. KG, Germany); Printing-12 Color Rotary (MHNS, Austria), Peaching / Emerizing (Xetma-GMBH, Germany), Calender (Ramisch Guarneri, Italy).

We have complete in-house testing facilities.

The quality fabrics manufactured by our process unit are popular amongst the leading Export Houses and Garment Manufacturers today.

Photos of our plant in Ahmedabad