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In 2008, Swan Energy Ltd. (SEL) proposed to enter the emerging energy sector with a plan to develop India’s first FSRU based LNG import Terminal at Jafrabad in Gujarat with a total capacity of 5 MMTPA.

Based on an unique concept, a first of its kind in India, the FSRU project scores over traditional onshore ones in terms of cost competitiveness, lower gestation period and environmental benefits.

The Indian gas market is projected to be one of the fastest growing in the world over the next two decades: the IEA forecasts gas demand to increase at 5.4% per annum over 2007-30 reaching 132 billion cubic meters by 2030.

India is the 4th largest Energy consumer after US, China & Russia.

Primary energy consumption of India has more than doubled between 1990 and 2011.

The power sector is the fastest growing area for energy demand, increasing from 23 percent to 38 percent of total energy consumption between 1999 to 2009.

India and China represented a combined 12% LNG market share in 2012.

The growing appetite for LNG in India and China resulted in 7.7% & 12.2% growth in LNG import in 2012

Natural gas currently contributes 8% of total energy consumption and is projected to grow up to 20% by 2030 in India.

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